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Be effective online.

Blue Slide is a team of digital natives developing gorgeous, modern websites and providing IT cloud services and support to innovating, design focused companies.

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IT Services

Our expert web designers are constantly up to date with the latest trends in design and technology, we ensure you remain competitive online.


Blue Slide is your Virtual IT Department, giving your businesses access IT Support, strategic advise, project planning, and a host of other essential business services.

Content Creation

The power of social media isn’t something to be overlooked. Our marketing team assists you in effectively marketing your business.

Grow and scale your business online.

Blue Slide is kind of like your Virtual IT Department. We take care of everything from website design & branding to cloud computing services & solutions.

Optimising the IT utilisation for your business could mean the difference between success or failure – especially if your business relies on IT infrastructure to deliver value to your customers.

There every step of the way

We don't just build solutions, we build experiences.

IT Consulting

Let's explore how your business could transform itself using modern digital technologies.

Website Design

Your digital store front, a website needs to express the values of your business straight away. Modern, innovative, reliable.

Cloud Computing

From file storage to online collaboration - small business to large enterprises can take advantage of the many features of cloud computing.

Digital Marketing

Advertise to your audience where their attention is. Digital marketing is the way of the future, and drastically more effective than traditional methods.

Content Creation

Your online presence should reflect your in person presence. Content created to reflect a transparent image of your business is the most effective.

Social Media

Managing and growing your social media is critical to building social proof for your business. We do it organically and produce real results.

Enterprise apps we specialise in

Your Virtual IT Department, ensuring you're effective online.

Customer Support

We're committed to supporting our customers and know that IT problems can happen at all hors of the day. We are always available from 9 - 5 and we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible outside those hours!

Business IT Engineering

Is your business taking the most advantage of it's computing? Most businesses aren't, so we became experts at implementing new innovative solutions for modern businesses that are underutilising the power of the cloud.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring your tech works, your digital presence is stable and your brand message is consistent even across multiple platforms are the keys to success in the modern business world.

Not your average IT company

We have a host of additional services.

If your business is looking at innovating and scaling, we have on-site experts that deal with high level business computing solutions.

Implementing distributed ledger technology, building cross-platform mobile apps that scale and optimising cloud software with Kubernetes are some of the areas we specialise in.

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